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Who We Are:

Established in 1967, Alpha-Tran Group is a Michigan-based company that has become a leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of custom process control systems for the municipal & industrial water and wastewater industries.  Since its inception, Alpha-Tran Engineering and West Michigan Instrumentation have worked together to execute thousands of tailored projects, both large and small, providing sustainable solutions for our customers.  Whether it be a programming upgrade to an existing panel control system, or an entirely new instrumentation system, the Alpha-Tran Group is qualified to meet your needs. 

Our Mission:

Alpha-Tran Engineering Co. and West Michigan Instrumentation Systems, Inc. are focused on building sustainable solutions for a promising future.  Our purpose is to design and manufacture high quality, cost-effective instrumentation systems that both meet government standards and satisfy our client's needs in the municipal and industrial water & wastewater industry.  While we pride ourselves on being the local expert on systems control, our products have been installed nationwide.

Specialty Skills:

We offer the in-house ability to fully and safely integrate complex levels of logic with instrumentation.  Our experienced staff is familiar with all current industrial standards, safety codes and compliance regulations, and pay careful attention to application requirements of the individual plant or job standards.

All systems go through final inspection and functional testing prior to shipment, in addition to in-process inspection requirements.  Functional testing is done with all systems energized at normal operating levels.  Programs are loaded, debugged and proven to operate under load.

Other Services

SCADA Resources


Alpha-Tran Engineering Co. provides On-Demand remote access for your SCADA system.   Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide cost-effective on-site consulting services and emergency call-out service.



Our staff has a broad range of experience through varied employment history and exposure to diverse applications in a job shop environment.  We are a hands-on organization, following projects from conception to completion.

Products & Service


Since the demand for clean water is increasing annually, and the sources of potable water are stretched, the need for water treatment process control systems and instrumentation is growing.  With our innovative and highly experienced staff of design engineers, we have built our reputation on solving the challenges that water treatment plant owners and operators face daily.


On-demand remote access available by request.  Please contact us at:  (888) 575-3320  to be connected.

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A Michigan-based Company for over 50 Years


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